Tattoo Removal

Laser technology has made great strides in eliminating tattoos, so this may be a good time to seriously consider tattoo removal. Everything from small, single-color tattoos to large, multicolored ones can now be significantly faded, if not completely removed, by the beams of light that new, special lasers produce. And, as importantly, there is little risk of the scarring or loss of pigmentation that other lasers and technologies can cause.

Understanding laser treatment
A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. Different types of lasers produce different colors of light. The color of light produced by a laser is the key to its effect on tattoo ink.

Particular colors of light are absorbed by specific colors of tattoo ink; for example, green light is absorbed by red ink. The laser's light energy vaporizes or fragments the targeted ink. The body then absorbs the tiny particles of ink, and the color fades.

Removing a small tattoo of one color may take one or two 30-minute laser treatment; multicolored tattoos may take several sessions depending on their size and type of ink. Sessions are usually spaced 4-8 weeks apart and are performed in the doctor's office without the cost and risk of hospitalization or general anesthesia.


Tattoo on Arm

After 2 treatments

Tattoo on Ankle

After 4 treatments

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