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A sclerosing solution is injected with a very fine needle directly into the network of blood vessel. The solution irritates the walls of the blood vessels causing them to swell and stick together thereby causing disappearance of the blood vessels. Over a period of weeks, the vessels fade and disappear. The treated areas will be wrapped by a special bandage for four weeks to help seal the veins faster. Sclerotherapy works equally well on all skin types and colors. After several treatments, most patients can expect a 50 to 90 percent improvement.

For those network veins that are smaller (.2mm to .9mm.) disappearance of the vessels are best achieved with laser therapy using the Verapulse C Aesthetic Laser HELP G. The laser light is applied to the skin using a cold tip. The laser light targets the blood inside the blood vessels producing heat energy which seals off the blood vessels by coagulating the blood inside. Eventually, the would fade and disappear. Several treatments may be required depending on your skin type and location of the treated areas.

Country Hills Laser Center uses the Verapulse C Aesthetic Laser to remove age spots, sun spots and superficial pigmented areas. The laser light targets the black pigment in the skin, destroying the cells responsible for the pigment change. The number of treatments may vary depending on the type of pigmented spots. The Verapulse Laser has a Q-switched Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers which are effective in removing pigmented spots.

Collagen is part of the natural support structure of your skin. Wrinkles appear when the collagen just below the skin thins. This loss is mostly a factor of aging, but exposure, pollution, health, heredity and lifestyle also play roles. Without enough collagen, wrinkles and lines start to form wherever the skin moves. There is a safe effective way to erase those fine lines and wrinkles in a non-surgical way. Zyderm and/or Zyplast collagen is used to soften and erase wrinkles in about 30 minutes or less. Collagen treatments last from 3 to 6 months. Like your own collagen, your body eventually absorbs this collagen so ongoing treatments are necessary to maintain results. If you stop your treatments, the new collagen is reabsorbed and your skin gradually returns to its natural contours. Ask us if collagen replacement is for you. Dr. Yatar and his staff will be happy to customize a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Prices vary with the amount of collagen used. Starting is easy. Before treatment, a skin test will be performed on your forearm to check for any sensitivity to the product. You will asked to watch this area carefully over a 2-week period. Another skin test will be performed after that time. If you show no reaction to the test, we can proceed with the treatment.

We also offer microdermabrasion to help men and women who have acne scarring, sun damaged skin, age spots, freckles, stretch marks, fine lines, large pores and scars. Unlike laser skin resurfacing which leaves the skin pinkish red for months, microdermabrasion leaves the skin pink for a few hours. It is a safe and inexpensive non-surgical procedure. There is an improvement in the skin texture and appearance. No anesthesia is required.

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